August 2014: The Ground's new demo site

The demo version of The Ground I Stand On Is Not My Ground is up here. Ideally, this manuscript will exist in print form as a book, with QR codes linking each poem to an online interactive animated version. The demo interactive poem appeared in At Length back in March: "A Book of Patriotic Movements." Check it out and let me know what you think!

June 2014: The Printed Room

The title erasure of The Ground I Stand On Is Not My Ground will be included in an exhibition on hybrid print/image works called "The Printed Room," opening this month at the SALTS Gallery in Basel, Switzerland. Thank you, curator and poet Quinn Latimer, for the invitation.

May 2014: Ragged Claws

This month I'll be the guest speaker at Hong Kong's poetry craft talk series, Ragged Claws. I'll be talking about my erasure manuscript, as well as some of my favorite erasures by other poets.

April 2014: MacDowell

Four weeks at MacDowell = completed erasure manuscript! Plus new friends, a solid dose of snow, and lots of Boggle. While I was there, I also visited the Advanced Writing class at Contoocook Valley Regional High School, which was really fun. "Completed" means the manuscript even has a title: The Ground I Stand On Is Not My Ground.

January 2014: New work online

Two new poems are up at La Fovea, a great project run by Virginia McLure. Recent poems also appear in The Cincinnati Review, The Literary Review, and online at Mead: The Journal
of Literature and Libations

It's been a good year for meeting poets and talking poetry. My Southeast Review craft talk came out in the fall, and in January poet and Fulbright Scholar James Shea invited me to be a guest speaker for his writing workshop at HKBU. Back in November I joined Shara Lessley, Nathaniel Perry, and Marcus Wicker for a panel and reading at The Cincinnati Review's Emerging Poets Festival, which was fantastic.

In other news, Four Way Books has a new website! Check it out at, including the interview about On the Other Side, Blue with poet Chris Miller.