On the Other Side, Blue was published as a Stahlecker Selection by Four Way Books in 2011. It's available through Four Way, or Amazon.

Praise for On the Other Side, Blue:

Nogues counterbalances elegy with trust in plainspoken description, yielding nothing short of wisdom.... In careful lines and with a particular, wry Western twang, Nogues works her way out of mourning and back into a world of living things.
— Publisher's Weekly (Starred Review)
Nogues covers familiar landmarks of modern mourning: the hospital, the funeral, the awkward, belated scattering of ashes. But her poems, sentence by sentence, are much stranger, hence truer, than summary implies: She shows us quirks, ironies, bits that we cannot expect.
— Stephen Burt at the San Francisco Chronicle
Nogues lays out her family’s pedigree of condolence: ‘I have a tourist’s love of family, of being near the more articulately faithful.// My mother was grammarian, librarian, detention master, expert teacher of remedial fiction./ My living uncles are all pastors.’ One could not ask for a more compassionate elegy.
— D.A. Powell at Drunken Boat
Collier Nogues is a rare poet in the contemporary landscape.... A poet is, among other things, a protector of thoughts, a kind of police officer of the inner world. Nogues...makes it a little safer to think, a little less frightening and lonely.
— Craig Morgan Teicher at Pleiades
Nogues’ debut collection of poetry...is a necessary book, one verily worthy of its placement in the world. And regardless of the individual reader’s personal relationship with grief and grieving, it is a book that will undoubtedly ring true; one need not have endured the same experiences that On the Other Side, Blue’s speaker has in order to ascertain the volume’s credence. Simply put, Nogues is a poet that deserves to be more widely-read. She is unique to the world of contemporary letters.
— Jeff Alessandrelli at Pleiades

Other reviews:

Andrew Tonkovitch in the OC Weekly: "On the Other Side, Blue is a remarkable book...so thoughtfully,
carefully, whimsically and syntactically immersed in the color and apprehension and purposeful noticing of experience."

Jaqueline Kolosov in The Cincinnati Review: "On the Other Side, Blue disavows the possibility that faith can
create some convincing paradigm for understanding loss..."

Lori Wilson at Cerise Press: "Nogues gives us language for [the] world, where grief colors landscape and memory."

Ruth Williams at The Florida Review: "Nogues is a master at communicating the complexities of grief."

Advance praise from James McMichael: "Calling up what mortality underscores as irreplaceable, Nogues’ lines are models of intelligence, clarity and grace."

Advance praise from Michael Ryan: "These are moving poems, and they are moving because, through the intensity of their making, they make their emotions ours."